Hi! I’m Giancarlo Mora and I have been working in all aspects of gymnastics since 2001. 

I am currently based in Shoreline, WA and love exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my family. When I am not involved with gymnastics, I enjoy reading about gymnastics, watching gymnastics competitions, making gymnastics themed art, and cooking. 

I was born in Portoviejo, Ecuador, but grew up in Hannover, Germany. I was selected to be an elite gymnast at an early age and trained intensively at the Olympic Center. As a teenager, I changed my focus to coaching and it has been my passion ever since. With degrees in Men’s Gymnastics coaching and international instruction, my professional coaching career has allowed me to travel and work in various countries in Europe, Asia, and South America. 

For more than 20 years now, I have been working as an elite gymnastics coach. In my last position, as head coach of the Washington Men’s Gymnastics, I trained college level athletes which entails a heavy amount of planning work behind the scenes and motivational techniques. I am detail oriented and have a drive to see each task completed exceptionally before I am satisfied. This same drive to perfection that I bring to the athletics of gymnastics, I put into every aspect of my life.

Now I want to work with you. And if you are ready to find out how we can work together, please email me so that we can start a conversation.